You Home and High Winds

Wind Damage on Your Roof?

We’re used to high winds in Ohio. We are known for extreme weather conditions. As all homeowners know, extreme weather can cause all types of problems. And maintenance is one of the most important things we can do to help keep the cost down.

Whether you live in Cleveland or somewhere else, wind speeds are something to be concerned about if you own a home. Winds as low as 30 mph for up to an hour in duration are enough to damage your home and cause a ” wind advisory” by the National Weather Service.

A “wind watch” alerts homeowners of winds of 40 mph for up to an hour at a time, or gusts of a least 58 mph, that will last 12-48 hrs.

A “high wind warning”  happens when sustained winds of over 40 mph or frequent wind gusts of at least 58 mph, that are expected to last for the next 36 hr. period.

Once the high winds have dissipated, take a look outside at the exterior of your home. If you see missing siding or shingles or other damage, it’s time to make repairs to fix the problems before they get worse.