Pressure Washing A Roof?

We hear more and more about company’s that offer power washing services for your home.

You may think it makes sense. People power wash their driveway, cars, siding and so what harm can there be to power wash your roof. First, pressure washers produce highly pressurized jets of water. Yes, asphalt shingles can handle heavy rain, it’s not the same as high-pressure water. The heavy pressure will remove the protective granules on the shingle. As a result, there will be less protection on your shingle for hail damage and other extreme weather conditions. Also, the granules are there to protect the shingles from ultraviolet light.

A Better Way to Clean Your Roof

If your roof is covered in moss, leaves, and dirt, use a leaf blower and garden hose to clean the roof. Do you have mold and roof stains? Use a spray nozzle on your hose and some nontoxic chemicals to remove those stains. That should get your roof looking like the first day it was installed.

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